The Southern Cross Resource Finder (SCRF) is a web-based resource that enables users to discover collections from libraries, archives and museums which hold resources useful for the study of Australia and/or New Zealand. It has been produced by and is maintained by the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King’s College London.

Searching the SCRF database, an enquirer can discover the answer to a variety of questions, for example:

The SCRF is designed to aid the discovery of relevant material held in collections in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.  It is an ongoing project and the number of collection descriptions will increase as more research is undertaken.  The web site was officially launched in March/April 2005, with approximately 150 entries describing the most relevant collections held in the United Kingdom and by September of the same year, collections from the Republic of Ireland had also been added.

SCRF is based on the earlier publication Resources for Australian and New Zealand studies: a guide to library holdings in the United Kingdom, produced by Valerie Bloomfield (Australian Studies Centre and the British Library, 1986). Entries from this publication have been updated and reproduced in the database format. SCRF deals primarily with print collections and includes references to maps, pictures and audiovisual material. Detailed description of archival collections is outside the scope of the present resource, however reference to these collections has been made where archival or manuscript collections are closely related to a print collection.

The database underlying SCRF was developed jointly by UKOLN and the University of Bath Library for the Tap into Bath project. Staff from the project have provided the blank database for reuse as well as supporting documentation, and have been generous in their support and assistance. The database created for Tap into Bath uses open source software, and appropriate standards in metadata, cataloguing and indexing. The SCRF resource is being hosted by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College London (CCH), which has also provided valuable advice and assistance.

For further information about the project or database, or suggestions for the addition of relevant collections, please see Contact Us.

Jacquelyn Keys
Research fellow and project manager
Menzies Centre for Australian Studies